Access Control (RFID)


Access Control and Attendance Check System (RFID)

The QRONNOS RFID system allows us to control access to all premises in a non-intrusive way, that means, the assistant will not be stop at any time neither at the entrance nor at the exit of the conference rooms. It is based on the identification of the assistant by RFID tags that are attached to the accreditations. These tags identify all participants in a unique way. We use high performance RFID readers and reading ranges are between 1 and 5 meters, creating wide and spacious passage zones. The reading power of the arcs allows us to pass between 20 and 50 people simultaneously between them, being able to detect them all in a few seconds. RFID arcs are simple, fully customizable, virtually wireless and small. They can be placed anywhere inside or outside the rooms, in accesses to the premises, etc. They can be aesthetically customized with the image desired by the organizer.

If it is requested, we can identify the people who are passing between the arcs with monitors, managing to see the correct accreditations, the voided ones and even the invalid ones. With this great system and our QCongresos Mysql registration management software, we generate a lot of reports related to attendance and stay times in all event premises. It is the ideal complement to manage the system of certificates and credits for Continuous Medical Training (FMC).

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