Self Accreditation

Events Self Registration Modules / Fast pass

Self Registration system allows attendees to make their own credential upon arrival at the event.


  • From Guest Relations, an email is being sent to attendees with a QR code, which identifies the participant
  • The attendee approaches the self-accreditation team, scans QR, and immediately, it prints the credential of the event
  • Scanners allow you to read the QR code of your document, from printed paper or directly from your mobile device
  • In case the attendee has not reached the event with the printed document or may have misplaced the email, the system will allow them to enter your NIF (ID) using the system touch screens.


  • It is a system that speeds up credentials printout and allows attendees to manage their own access to the venue.
  • The assistant controls at all times the registration system of the event, from receiving the accreditation, until he prints it and accesses the venue.
  • For Event Planner, it avoids overcrowding at counters when delivering and printing out of credentials
  • Self-registration modules can be customized with the necessary image, being used as a means of sponsorship.
  • Gives the information about the number of attendees who access the event, through the delivery of their accreditation.
  • Since all printed credentials include a QR, it allows us in other controls such as one room, access control and assistance with QR code readers.


  • A module with a touch creen device, a QR code reader, and an accreditation printer make up the system. 


Among our services are:

  • Design and creation of the image of the self-registration modules
  • Design and production of the event registration format
  • Support modules

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